Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cookware Shopping Tips - A Review on Paderno Mini Dutch Ovens

For many years, a cast iron stockpot or Dutch oven has been the most essential tool for slow cooking, braising and simmering. It can provide the most tender meat meals and the crunch required for camp breads. It is why until today, this traditional cast iron cookware remained popular in most any kitchen and in all outdoor cooking.

Dutch oven miniature versions are the newest addition to your line of cast iron cookware. Their versatile size makes them a favorite tool for individual meals, side dishes and mini cakes. They are extremely useful for special deserts whether you're cooking for individual souffl├ęs, tartlets, or other special deserts. You will enjoy making homemade hot fudge along with a hot brownie. You can even be creative as the small size is very ideal if you are fond of making new meal experiments.

Paderno Mini Dutch Ovens are compatible with induction ranges, standard stovetops and conventional ovens. Each miniature oven comes with matching lid to preserve heat inside the mini pot and moisture in the food during cooking. They are built with heat resistant knobs up to 800 degrees F with sturdy stainless steel and corrosion-resistant rolled rim for a secured grip during use. Since they are specially-designed to be durable and long-lasting, these miniature ovens are easy to clean and store. It has three different colors; black classic, white pieces and orange glazed. You can also choose from four different sizes; round, oval, square and rectangle.

    Pre-seasoned Classic Black is the more traditional line as it has not been enameled. But the pre-seasoning treatment provides the flexible, grainy and matte finish. Since these ovens are the non-enameled type, they should be dried every after use.

    White-enameled line has been enameled twice to enhance durability and color retention giving it the white glossy finish. It provides the same reliable results that you will get from its large counterpart ovens.

    The mini ceramic orange flame has a glossy finish with a gradual vitrified glaze. It is thermal shock resistant and can withstand high temperatures.

Like a typical cast iron pot, these cute mini Dutch ovens also distribute heat evenly and can tenderize even the toughest cuts of meat in time. This heat retention ability allows you to leave your Dutch oven on the table without the worry about your food getting cold too fast. These mini cast iron pots are also easy to clean; simply wash with boiling water and a brush with or without soap. As soon as they get dried, apply a thin coating of vegetable oil to prevent rusting.

If you're the adventurous cook who enjoys mountain vacation rides, a cute mini Dutch oven can be a very good companion.

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